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At accounts services we do it all. Cashbooks, tax refunds and Xero accounting.

Service List:

  1. GST returns
  2. Office administration
  3. Financial reporting.
  4. Wages and PAYE
  5. Cashbooks
  6. Rental returns
  7. Cashflow forecasts
  8. Income tax returns
  9. Xero accounting
  10. IRD Compliance

Want to Know more?

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Expert Services

We are also experts in financial reporting and cashbooks. These can be done on xero. Financial reporting and cashbooks are great tool that show financial position, clashflow and profitabilty of your business.  We make your financial reporting and cashbooks are relevant and readable.

As your tax agents we want to make your life easy and your business successful. So If you need any thing a tax refund, xero accounting, cashbooks, financial reporting let us know.

Here at accounts services we can do it all, cashbooks, tax refunds, financial reporting and in the cloud accounting softwares.

Xero Accounting

We are excited to be offering you Xero accounting. Xero is new software which benefits your business in many ways. Here is how Xero can help you.

  1. Xero can show you an overview of your businesses cashflow and financial statement at any time at a quick glance on your computer or cell phone.
  2. Xero can show you up to date reports on your cashbooks and invoicing. This lets you know whose payments are up to date and who owes you money.
  3. Xero can automatically import your bank transactions.
  4. Xero has unlimited user logins so that any one you give permission to can see your accounts at any time. Or even the same time. This is very handy when you need me to go through your cashbooks, financial statement or financial reporting with you online.