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Are you having problems with IRD NZ, the Inland Revenue?

I know for many business owners the last thing they want to get is a call from Inland Revenue. Dealing with the Inland Revenue can be a time consuming, stressful pain. The two best ways to deal with the IRD NZ or Inland Revenue are:

  1. Prevention. Having an experienced accounting firm who do compliant work. take care of your accounts while keeping good records for when IRD NZ come calling.

    “When you have a good accounting firm take care of your accounts and they are presented well you are a lot less likely to have the IRD NZ  auditing your business.

    “When you have a good accounting firm on your side your accounts are filed on time, properly and IRD NZ get what they want how they want it”.

  2. Have us deal with the IRD NZ for you. We can do this faster and easier than you can and this is how. We deal with the Inland Revenue directly and have our own IRD NZ agent. This IRD NZ agent is a direct point of contact for my accounting firm.

This makes dealing with the Inland Revenue easy for me do on behalf of my clients. I have also dealt with the Inland Revenue a number of times before and know how their systems work. I have the tools and resources to help your business get the best result possible when dealing with the Inland Revenue.

So whether you are being fined, audited or just looked into by the Inland Revenue give me a call on 0800 LESS TAX for a FREE chat on how I can help your business.